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To configure Terminal, choose EditPreferences... or right-click the terminal area of the window and choose Preferences.... This will bring up the Terminal Preferences dialog, which allows you to adjust Terminal's behaviour to your needs.

To change the application shortcuts, read the FAQ section “Editable Menu Accelerators”.

Open Terminal Preferences


General Tab



(removed in 0.8.0)


(since 0.8.0)


Appearance Tab


Click on the button to select the font type and font size you want to use for the terminal.


Select a background for the terminal window. The options are as follows:

ColorsImage fileStyle

If you have selected Background image or Transparent background, you can use the slider Shade transparent or image background to shade or dim the background of the terminal.

Opening new windows

Tab Activity Indicator

The time in seconds a non-active tab title will be highlighted in the Tab activity color, you can set in the Colors tab. If the time expired and the tab is not visited yet, the color will be changed to the color between the activity color and the normal text color defined by the theme.

To disable this feature, set the time to 0.


Colors Tab


Transparent backgroundBackground imageAppearanceHueSaturationValueValue

Custom Colors


The terminal provides the application running inside with a palette of 16 colors. You can customize these colors using the 16 color buttons. To show the palette combinations, run xfce4-terminal --color-table in a window.


Load default presets. The preset will set the colors and options defined in the file or reset them to the default value.


Shortcuts Tab

BackspaceDelete (removed in 0.8.0)$TERM/etc/termcap$TERM~/.bashrcxtermCompatibility


Shortcuts Tab

Double Click


Choose the default encoding for the terminal. You can temporarily override this using the TerminalSet Encoding menu in the menubar.

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