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Mouse and Touchpad

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Device Settings

? Device ! With this combo box you can select the device you want to edit, the settings below will adjust to the selected device. The list shows all connected pointer devices. ? Enable this device ! Uncheck this option to turn a device off. If a device it disabled, it won't send any coordinate updates to the pointer. By default all (new) devices are enabled.


? Right-handed and Left-handed ! If you select Left-handed the primary and secondary buttons on the mouse will be reversed. ? Reverse scroll direction ! If this option is enabled, the scroll direction will be reversed (sometimes called “natural scrolling”).

If you want to see the resulting button map; use the xinput utility. First find the device ID using xinput list and then view the mapping of the device with xinput get-button-map <device-id>.

Pointer Speed

? Acceleration ! ? Sensitivity !


Behavior Settings


Cursor Theming