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Xfce uses the Transifex translation platform as a portal for translators. This allows translators to translate on-line, submit new po-files, watch translations and view statistics. All translation updates are directly submitted in the Xfce GIT repositories, so they are directly available for the rest of the world.

Because we'd like to translate Xfce in as much languages as possible, we are always looking for new translation contributors. If you're interested in this, read the getting started section below.

Remote locations

Xfce organization at Transifex
This is where you should be when translating Xfce. It contains projects and branches for all parts of Xfce.

TX client
Translators won't get GIT access, but there is a Transifex client they can use to handle po files directly.

Getting Started

Before you can contribute translations, you have to go through the steps below. Note that ALL these steps are required:

  1. First go to transifex.com and create a new profile.
  2. If you want to communicate with other translators, join the Xfce translation mailing list. This is where the translation communication is coordinated, so it is nice to introduce yourself here. On this list developer will also announce when releases are planned, translations system changes or anything else you should know as a translators.
  3. Go to Xfce hub project and request access to a team or request a new language if it doesn't exist yet. One of the developers or translation coordinators will approve (or decline) your request. All other Xfce related projects outsource the permissions of the Xfce hub.
  4. Now wait patiently. If it takes too long, leave a message on the translation mailing list.
Languages requested outside the Xfce organisation (i.e. on an individual project) or for redundant locales (e.g. Italian (Italy) (it_IT) instead of just Italian (it)), will be rejected!

Once this has all happened, you should have permission to submit and update translations in your language. You can find more information about this below. Don't forget to keep in touch with the other translators in your language (you can find them in the translation groups) to coordinate the translation work!

If you think anything went wrong, ideas? Don't hesitate and send an email to the Xfce translation mailing list, we're always there to help you!

Team Work

Keep in touch with the current translator(s). Is your language already translated or being translated by someone else, then you should try to work together with the current translator(s) of that language, and split up the work so you are reducing the workload and increasing the quality of the translation. Many translators are happy to share the work or even appreciate people discussing translations.

The header of the PO files contain the field “Last-Translator” As example here is the French translation of xfce4-panel: fr.po.

You can send an email to the i18n mailing-list as well with a copy (CC) to the current translator if you did find out his email. Let know your intention and wait for an answer from the current translator(s). If you don't get a response in the upcoming weeks (2~3 weeks) you can consider translating the different projects.

Other than getting in touch with current translators, you can use a private page to share progress on translations. The defacto place is on wiki.xfce.org, but you can also use alternative possibilities like the Google Groups.

Team Coordinator

Transifex allows you to manage a team with a list of translators and coordinators. Usually you will find one coordinator per team who is allowed to perform the following tasks:

  • Accept or deny new translators in the team
  • Accept or deny a translation review

The coordinator should not accept new translators without having a little history of their involvement in other projects. If it is unsure if a new member has deep knowledge of translations or not, it is possible to check the new Transifex account and start a short discussion per email. At this point the coordinator can either accept the new member who will be allowed to commit changes directly in our repositories, otherwise the coordinator can ask the new member to submit the work for review. This process is important whenever the translations have to use a standard vocabulary for instance.

A good practice for the coordinator is to check the translations before a new release, that consists into compiling each Xfce component with the latest translations and making sure everything is in good shape. Transifex Usage

You can read all about Transifex in their support section.

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