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Parole Media Player

Parole is a modern simple media player based on the GStreamer framework and written to fit well in the Xfce desktop. It is designed with simplicity, speed and resource usage in mind.


Parole features playback of local media files, including video with subtitles support, Audio CDs, DVDs, and live streams. Parole is also extensible via plugins.


Build Requirements

Runtime Requirements

The GStreamer framework provides a powerful plugin interface to support a wide variety of media types. The plugins are split into “base”, “good”, “bad”, and “ugly” categories for their varying levels of licensing and codec quality. While Parole is completely free, meaning anyone can use it, redistribute and/or modify it under the GNU general public license; some GStreamer plugins are not free and may not be legal to use in some regions. It is up to you or the distribution to accept the license of these plugins and make them available for use. The list of GStreamer plugins is below.


Parole currently features the following plugins:

Read more about them here.