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To configure Parole, choose ToolsPreferences. This will bring up the Parole Settings dialog, which allows you to adjust Parole's behavior to your needs. The screenshots below all show the default settings.

Open Parole Preferences


General Tab


Disable screensaver when playing movies

Audio Visualization

Show visual effects when an audio file is played

Visualization type:


Enable keyboard multimedia keys


Display Tab

Video Output

You can select one of three backends for video playback. Note that this will have an impact on the performance, so if you notice choppy playback, you can try another backend. Also note that you have to restart Parole after switching to a different backend. While the Clutter and XV backend make use of hardware video acceleration, the “No XV” option uses (the usually slower) software acceleration.

Color Balance

Moving the sliders changes the color balance of the video being played or the audio effects being displayed (if visual effects are enabled). Changes can be applied while the media are playing and they take effect immediately. If you are unhappy with your changes, press the Reset to defaults button. Note that the color balance settings can only be changed when using one of the two “X Window System” options in the Video Output section above.


Preferences Tab

Playlist Settings

Always replace playlist with opened files

Check and remove duplicate media entries

Start playing opened files

Remember playlist


Preferences Tab

Subtitle Settings

Automatically show subtitles when playing movie file

Hidden Settings

You can configure additional settings of Parole directly via xfconf, either by using xfce4-settings-editor (GUI) or by using the command-line-tool xfconf-query.