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   * **[[getting-started|Getting Started]]** -- Starting Ristretto for the first time   * **[[getting-started|Getting Started]]** -- Starting Ristretto for the first time
   * **[[preferences|Preferences]]** -- Configure Ristretto   * **[[preferences|Preferences]]** -- Configure Ristretto
 +===== Reporting Bugs =====
 +When experiencing bugs in Ristretto, your way of helping things getting fixed is to report a bug about it in [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​enter_bug.cgi?​product=Ristretto&​component=General&​resolution=---|bugzilla]]. Note: For this you will need to have/create an account.
 +<note important>​Before reporting a new bug, please always check the list of open bugreports to avoid duplicates.</​note>​