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-====== ​Frequently Asked Questions ​======+====== ​Xfce Screensaver FAQ ======
 ===== Why doesn'​t my monitor turn off automatically?​ ===== ===== Why doesn'​t my monitor turn off automatically?​ =====
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Where are all the screensavers?​ =====
 +Xfce Screensaver uses Xscreensaver-compatible screensavers. These can usually be installed separately from the main Xscreensaver package.
 +If you've already installed the screensavers and they still are not available, you may need to create desktop entries for them so they can be found by Xfce Screensaver. In the future, this process will be automated by Xfce Screensaver. Meanwhile, it is not hard to make your own.
 +By looking at ''/​usr/​share/​xscreensaver/​config/​abstractile.xml'',​ all of the importing information can be found.
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​ISO-8859-1"?>​
 +<​screensaver name="​abstractile"​ _label="​Abstractile">​
 +  <command arg="​-root"/>​
 +  ...
 +The compatible desktop entry, installed to ''/​usr/​share/​applications/​screensavers/​abstractile.desktop'',​ looks like this.
 +[Desktop Entry]
 +Exec=/​usr/​lib/​xscreensaver/​abstractile -root
 +In this example, you can see that the ''​Name''​ key is derived from the screensaver label, ''​Exec''​ and ''​TryExec''​ both use the screensaver binary path, and the ''​Exec''​ key also includes the command arguments.