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 ====== Xfce Screensaver FAQ ====== ====== Xfce Screensaver FAQ ======
 +===== Why doesn'​t the screensaver/​lock screen activate when I attempt to lock my computer? ​ =====
 +You are likely running an unpatched xflock4, which does not know about xfce4-screensaver.\\
 +This has been [[https://​git.xfce.org/​xfce/​xfce4-session/​commit/?​id=baf23e096da712084e54b47faa49c1ca99665b75|resolved upstream]], but will need to be manually added until the next Xfce Session release.
 +All you need to do is add ''​xfce4-screensaver-command --lock''​ to the available lock commands.
 +$ cat /​usr/​bin/​xflock4
 +export PATH
 +# Lock by xscreensaver or gnome-screensaver,​ if a respective daemon is running
 +for lock_cmd in \
 +    "​xfce4-screensaver-command --lock"​ \
 +    "​xscreensaver-command -lock" \
 +    "​light-locker-command --lock"​ \
 +    "​gnome-screensaver-command --lock"​
 +    $lock_cmd >/​dev/​null 2>&1 && exit
 ===== Why doesn'​t my monitor turn off automatically?​ ===== ===== Why doesn'​t my monitor turn off automatically?​ =====