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-[[apps:​terminal:​|Terminal Emulator (Terminal)]]\\ +  * **[[apps:​terminal:​|Terminal Emulator (xfce4-terminal)]]** -- Terminal emulator for the Xfce desktop.
-Terminal emulator for the Xfce desktop.+
-[[apps:​ristretto:​|Image Viewer (Ristretto)]]\\ +  * **[[apps:​ristretto:​|Image Viewer (ristretto)]]** -- Image viewer for the Xfce desktop. 
-Image viewer for the Xfce desktop.+ 
 +  * **[[apps:​screenshooter:​|Screenshot application (xfce4-screenshooter)]]** -- Take screenshots of your Xfce desktop. 
 +  * **[[apps:​parole:​|Media player (parole)]]** -- Media player for the Xfce desktop. 
 +  * **[[apps:​notifyd:​|Notification service (xfce4-notifyd)]]** -- Notification service for the Xfce desktop. 
 +  * **[[apps:​catfish:​|File Search Utility (catfish)]]** -- A versatile file search utility for the Xfce desktop