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Get a contributor account

Who can apply for an account?

Well basically anybody, but of course it has to be Xfce related. If you want to translate, a GIT account is not needed, you should read this first.
That said, please only apply for an account only if you think that you will work on Xfce for a somewhat longer time. If you know that you will only work for a couple of weeks and then never again, please consider not applying for an Xfce account but instead continue to put patches patches in the bug tracker.

We also value if you show you work or patches before applying, so we have at least a bit of understanding what you're capable of and if the idea fits in the Xfce philosophy.

The limitations are not there to exclude anyone – they are there to ensure that the maintenance of accounts remains reasonable. Of course, to be clear: the Xfce sysadmins have the last word about whether or not to create an account for somebody.