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-====== Contribute ====== 
-[[.:​translate/​start|Translate]]\\ +====== How to contribute to Xfce ====== 
-Translate the source code of Xfce.+Xfce is developed by a small group of hard-working volunteersThere are many ways in which you can contribute to Xfce, all of which are most welcome!
-[[documentation|Documentation]]\\ +For a more in-depth look at how to contribute to Xfce, it is recommended to read [[https://​andreldm.com/​2018/​12/​03/​xfce-contributor-guide.html|The Ultimate Contributor'​s Guide to Xfce]] for additional helpful information.
-How to start writing or translate the application manuals on this website.+
-[[.:​bugs/​start|Bugs]]\\ +If you would like to donate to Xfce, please see the [[start#​Donations|Donations]] section.
-All there is to know about properly reporting bugs in the [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org|bug tracker]].+
-[[.:​dev/​start|Development]]\\ +===== Bug Reporting and Testing ===== 
-How to contribute ​code and becoming ​developer.+ 
 +One of the most useful tasks that we rely on the community for is testing and reporting of bugs, you can report bugs on the [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​|Xfce Bugzilla site]], the [[https://​mail.xfce.org/​mailman/​listinfo/​xfce-bugs|Xfce-bugs mailing list]], or you can ask on our IRC channel [[irc://​irc.freenode.net/#​xfce|#​xfce on Freenode]] for help. Please do not use the forums to report bugs. Before submitting a bug, please try your best to check if it has already been reported. When writing your bug report, try to be as descriptive as possible, but avoid verbosity; Mozilla has a nice guide on [[https://​developer.mozilla.org/​en-US/​docs/​Mozilla/​QA/​Bug_writing_guidelines|how to write a bug report]]. For more information,​ see [[.:​bugs/​start|Bug Reporting and Fixing]]. 
 +===== Communication ===== 
 +There are various ways to get in touch with Xfce developers:​ 
 +   * For general questions, [[https://​forum.xfce.org/​|Xfce'​s Forum]], the [[https://​mail.xfce.org/​mailman/​listinfo/​xfce|Xfce mailing list]], and our IRC channel [[irc://​irc.freenode.net/#​xfce|#​xfce on Freenode]] ​ are the places to go. 
 +   * For any translation stuff, join the [[https://​mail.xfce.org/​mailman/​listinfo/​xfce-i18n|Xfce-i18n mailing list]]. 
 +   * For anything code related, go to the [[https://​mail.xfce.org/​mailman/​listinfo/​xfce4-dev|Xfce-dev mailing list]], or our IRC channel [[irc://​irc.freenode.net/#​xfce-dev|#​xfce-dev on Freenode]]. 
 +All Xfce developers have a real life and live across multiple time zones. If you don't get an answer straight away, be patient and stay online! 
 +===== Development ===== 
 +See the [[:​contribute:​dev:​start|Xfce Development ​Information]] page for details on getting a contributor'​s account, working with Git and Xfce source code, and instructions for making releases. 
 +===== Documentation ===== 
 +The [[https://​wiki.xfce.org/​|Xfce Wiki]] and [[https://​docs.xfce.org/​|Documentation]] contain many helpful pages that require maintaining and updating with every new release. The wiki is freely available for anyone to edit, refer [[documentation|here]] for information on how to contribute ​to the documentation. 
 +===== Donations ===== 
 +If you wish to donate to Xfce, you can do so via [[https://​www.bountysource.com/​teams/​xfce|Xfce’s Bountysource page]]. You can freely donate to the organization itself, or offer a reward to fix a specific bug. Every donation is greatly appreciated,​ but please remember, this is an open source project that is 100% run by volunteers, no one is implicitly obliged to act upon your requests. 
 +===== Feature Requests ===== 
 +Although the philosophy of Xfce is to find the correct balance between features ​and lightweight,​ it is still possible to request new features. 
 +The right approach for larger changes is to discuss them on the mailing list, or on our IRC channel [[irc://​irc.freenode.net/#​xfce-dev|#​xfce-dev on Freenode]] first. You might think your idea is brilliant, but there is high possibility that there are major downsides. 
 +Afterwards a bug can be opened in the bug tracker. Make sure the //​Importance//​ is set to //normal// and //​enhancement//​. 
 +Obviously it would be nice if you could write a patch that implements the new feature. 
 +===== Translation ===== 
 +Applications,​ manuals, documentation and many other aspects of Xfce are all translated into different languages. Translations are handled in [[https://​www.transifex.com/​xfce/​public|Transifex]],​ a web-based translation platform. Visit the [[.:​translate/​start|translation docs]] to get started with translating. 
 +[[|Back To Top]]