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 +====== Contact ======
 +Before starting contribution it may make sense to get in contact with some xfce experts:
 +   * via **[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Internet_Relay_Chat|IRC]]**:​ Join #xfce and #xfce-dev on Freenode
 +   * via some **[[https://​mail.xfce.org/​mailman/​listinfo| Xfce mailing list]]** - first check if the list is still active !
 +It as well might help to check the current roadmap in the **[[https://​wiki.xfce.org/​|Xfce development Wiki]]** in order to get an overview on ongoing development.
 ====== Contribute ====== ====== Contribute ======
-[[.:​translate/​start|Translate]]\\ +There are different ways in which you can contribute to xfce: 
-Translate the source code of Xfce.+ 
 +   * **[[.:​translate/​start|Translation]]** -- Translate ​Xfce applications into different languages 
 +   * **[[documentation|Documentation]]** -- add or translate application manuals on this website 
 +   * **[[.:​bugs/​start|Bugs]]** -- report or fix Xfce bugs, provide new features 
 +   ​* ​ **[[https://​www.bountysource.com/​teams/​xfce|Bountysource]]** - Put some money on bugs you want to have fixed 
 +      * [[https://​www.bountysource.com/​teams/​xfce|{{https://​www.bountysource.com/​badge/​team?​team_id=849&​style=raised&​.jpg?​}}]] - it is as well possible to put a general donation 
 +Once you did some contributions,​ you may want to grab extra permissions to e.g. release your modifications:​
-[[documentation|Documentation]]\\ +   * **[[.:dev/start|becoming a xfce-developer]]** - contributor account, git access, releases
-How to start writing or translate the application manuals on this website.+
-[[.:​bugs/​start|Bugs]]\\ +Xfce API documentation can be found in the [[https://wiki.xfce.org/​api_documentation|Xfce development Wiki]] 
-All there is to know about properly reporting bugs in the [[https://bugzilla.xfce.org|bug tracker]].+
-How to contribute code and becoming a developer. 
-To support the Xfce project or making it more attractive to get things done, you can back the project with bounties on bugs or leave it up to the developers to decide what to do. 
-===== API documentation ===== 
-Library references can be found in the releases: [[http://​archive.xfce.org/​src/​xfce/​garcon|garcon]],​ [[http://​archive.xfce.org/​src/​xfce/​exo|exo]],​ [[http://​archive.xfce.org/​src/​xfce/​libxfce4ui|libxfce4ui]],​ [[http://​archive.xfce.org/​src/​xfce/​libxfce4util|libxfce4util]],​ [[http://​archive.xfce.org/​src/​xfce/​thunar|thunar]],​ [[http://​archive.xfce.org/​src/​xfce/​xfconf|xfconf]]. They are often also installed by distributions in ''/​usr/​share/​gtk-doc/​html/''​.