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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-====== Xfce Docs ======+====== Xfce 4.14 Documentation ​====== 
 +This website provides user documentation for the latest stable version of the Xfce desktop environment. Go to [[..:​4.12:​|Xfce 4.12]] for the previous version.
-<​note>​This website is always [[contribute:​documentation|work in progress]] and meant for the last stable version of the Xfce desktop environment or module.</​note>​ 
 ===== Getting Started ===== ===== Getting Started =====
-[[xfce:​getting-started|Starting ​with Xfce]]\\ +  * **[[xfce:​getting-started|Getting Started ​with Xfce]]** --  Starting ​point for anyone who wants to use Xfce 
-This document gives an overview of the Xfce Desktop Environment and explains how to perform several common tasks. It is meant to be a starting ​point for anyone who wants to use Xfce and it includes pointers to other sources of information. +  * **[[:faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]** -- General questions relating ​to Xfce and their answers ​ 
- +  * **[[xfce:​building|Building Xfce]]** -- Instructions on how to compile ​Xfce from source 
-[[xfce:building|Building Xfce]]\\ +  * **[[contribute:​|How to Contribute]]** -- Detailed information for new contributors 
-It is always recommended ​to use the packages provided by your distribution,​ however if you have special needs or you want a detailed description on compiling ​Xfce yourself, you can find it in this article. +===== Documentation for Xfce Applications ​=====
- +
-[[/​start?​do=index|Sitemap]]\\ +
-The sitemap of this wiki gives a good overview of the pages available. +
- +
-[[faq|Frequently Asked Question]]\\ +
-Tips and tricks that apply to all Xfce (and GTK+) applications. +
- +
-[[contribute:​|How to contribute]]\\ +
-Detailed information for new contributors ​can be found in this section. A more general introduction can be found at the [[http://​www.xfce.org/​getinvolved|Get Involved]] page on the main website. This section is also the starting point for developers on how to use Git and where to find API documentation. +
- +
- +
-===== Core Modules ​===== +
- +
-[[xfce:​xfce4-appfinder:​|Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)]]\\ +
-Application to quickly run applications and commands. +
- +
-[[xfce:​xfdesktop:​|Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)]] ([[[xfce:​xfdesktop:​4.11:​|4.11]])\\ +
-Sets the background color or image with optional application menu or icons for minimized applications or launchers, devices and folders. +
- +
-[[xfce:​exo:​|Helper Applications]]\\ +
-Manage preferred applications and edit .desktop files. +
- +
-[[xfce:​thunar:​|File Manager (thunar)]]\\ +
-The fast and easy to use file manager for the Xfce Desktop. +
- +
-[[xfce:​xfce4-panel:​|Panel (xfce4-panel)]]\\ +
-Program launchers, window buttons, applications menu, workspace switcher and more. +
- +
-[[xfce:​xfce4-power-manager:​1.4:​|Power Manager (xfce4-power-manager)]] ([[[xfce:​xfce4-power-manager:​1.2:​|1.2]])\\ +
-Manages the power sources on the computer and the devices that can be controlled to reduce their power consumption. +
- +
-[[xfce:​xfce4-session:​|Session Manager (xfce4-session)]]\\ +
-Save the state of your desktop and restore it on the next startup. +
- +
-[[xfce:​xfce4-settings:​|Settings Manager (xfce4-settings)]]\\ +
-The settings daemon and the settings dialogs. This includes the accessibility,​ appearance, display, keyboard and mouse settings.+
-[[xfce:​xfwm4:​|Window Manager (xfwm4)]]\\ +==== Core Modules ====
-Handles the placement of windows on the screen.+
-[[xfce:​xfconf:​|Configuration Storage System (xfconf)]]\\ +  * **[[xfce:​xfce4-appfinder:​|Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)]]** -- Application to quickly run applications and commands 
-D-Bus-based configuration storage system. +  * **[[xfce:​xfconf:​|Configuration Storage System (xfconf)]]** -- D-Bus-based configuration storage system 
-===== Applications ​=====+  * **[[xfce:​xfdesktop:​|Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)]]** -- Configure the desktop background image, icons, ​ launchers and folders 
 +  * **[[xfce:​exo:​|Helper ​Applications ​(exo)]]** -- Manage preferred applications and edit .desktop files 
 +  * **[[xfce:​thunar:​|File Manager (thunar)]]** -- The fast and easy to use file manager for the Xfce Desktop 
 +  * **[[xfce:​xfce4-panel:​|Panel (xfce4-panel)]]** -- Application launchers, window buttons, applications menu, workspace switcher and more 
 +  * **[[xfce:​xfce4-power-manager:​|Power Manager (xfce4-power-manager)]]** -- Manage power sources and power consumption of devices 
 +  * **[[xfce:​xfce4-session:​|Session Manager (xfce4-session)]]** -- Save the state of your desktop and restore it on the next startup 
 +  * **[[xfce:​xfce4-settings:​|Settings Manager (xfce4-settings)]]** -- The Settings daemon which persists many Xfce settings 
 +  * **[[xfce:​xfwm4:​|Window Manager (xfwm4)]]** -- Handles the placement of windows on the screen
-[[apps:​terminal:​|Terminal Emulator (xfce4-terminal)]]\\ +==== Applications ====
-Terminal emulator for the Xfce desktop.+
-[[apps:​ristretto:​|Image Viewer (ristretto)]]\\ +  * **[[apps:​catfish:​|File Search Utility (catfish)]]** --  a versatile file search utility for the Xfce desktop 
-Image viewer for the Xfce desktop.+  * **[[apps:​ristretto:​|Image Viewer (ristretto)]]** -- Image viewer for the Xfce desktop 
 +  * **[[apps:​parole:​|Media player (parole)]]** -- Media player for the Xfce desktop 
 +  * **[[apps:​notifyd:​|Notification service (xfce4-notifyd)]]** -- Notification service for the Xfce desktop 
 +  * **[[apps:​screensaver:​|Screensaver Utility (xfce4-screensaver)]]** -- A simple, secure screen saver and locker. 
 +  * **[[apps:​screenshooter:​|Screenshot application (xfce4-screenshooter)]]** -- Take screenshots of your Xfce desktop 
 +  * **[[apps:​terminal:​|Terminal Emulator (xfce4-terminal)]]** -- Terminal emulator for the Xfce desktop
-[[apps:​screenshooter:|Screenshot application (xfce4-screenshooter)]]\\ +Take a look at the [[https://​wiki.xfce.org/​recommendedappslist of recommended applications]] for more light-weight applications,​ recommended by Xfce users.
-Take screenshots of your Xfce desktop.+
-[[apps:​parole:​|Media player (parole)]] ([[apps:​parole:​0.7:​|0.7]])\\ +Check the [[/​start?​do=index|sitemap]] of this wiki to see all available wiki pages.
-Media player for the Xfce desktop.+