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 +======System Requirements======
 +Xfce runs on over [[http://​distrowatch.com/​search.php?​desktop=Xfce|90 UNIX-like distributions]]. Below is a short list of the distributions that use Xfce as their primary, default Desktop Environment (DE) as well as their minimum system requirements for installation. ​
 +Xubuntu is a community‑developed,​ Ubuntu‑based Linux operating system. Its minimum requirements are:
 +  * CPU: 1.0Ghz+ (needs to support PAE)
 +  * RAM: 512MiB+ for Desktop/​LiveCD
 +  * Hard drive space: 7.5GB
 +  * Graphics card and monitor capable of 800x600 resolution
 +Kwort is a slackware-based operating system featuring the Xfce4 desktop with Kwort'​s own Network Manager and kpkg package manager. Its minimum requirements are:
 +  * CPU: PC i686 or above.
 +  * RAM: 16MB for base system (minimum). 32MB for desktop (minimum), 64MB recommended.
 +  * Hard drive space: 200MB for base system, 1.5GB for full desktop (Openoffice 2.0 included)
 +**[[http://​luitlinux.sarovar.org/​requirements.html|Luit Linux]]**
 +Luit Linux //"is a small bootable live CD distribution based on KNOPPIX and DamnSmall Linux. Mission is to make a small compact live distribution with tools and applications for day to day needs, without compromising on its looks and feel and ease of use."//​ Its minimum requirements are:
 +  * CPU: Intel Pentium I
 +  * RAM: 32 Mb
 +Mythbuntu is //"an official Ubuntu flavor focused upon setting up a standalone MythTV based PVR system.Mythbuntu uses the XFCE desktop. All unnecessary standard Ubuntu applications such as LibreOffice,​ Evolution, and a full Gnome desktop are not installed in a default Mythbuntu install"//​ Its minimum requirements are:
 +  * CPU: 1.0 GHz x86 or x86_64 Processor ​
 +  * RAM: 512 MB of system memory (RAM) 
 +  * Hard drive space: 2 GB of disk space (Frontend Role) / 10GB + 1.5GB/hour for storage of SD material (Backend Role) 
 +  * Graphics card capable of 1024x768 resolution (if using VDPAU, 256MB minimum) ​
 +  * Supported TV Tuner Card (Backend Role) 
 +===== Memory footprint =====
 +The following memory footprint test was obtained on an OpenSuse 11.4 notebook and [[https://​raw.github.com/​pixelb/​ps_mem/​master/​ps_mem.py|this script]].
 +  * Runlevel 3 : 33 MiB
 +  * Login screen with kdm4 (and no opened session) : 115 MiB
 +  * TWM session : 80 MiB
 +  * IceWM session : 83 MiB
 +  * Xfce 4.8 session : 133 MiB
 +  * KDE 4.6.0 : 280 MiB