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 +====== The "Send To" Menu ======
 +Thunar includes a {gui>​Send To} menu, which provides possible targets where files and folders can be sent to. To access the Send To menu, choose {gui>​File>​Send To} from the main menu, or right-click on a file or folder and choose {gui>​Send To}.
 +<figure "Send To Menu">​
 +By default, the {gui>​Send To} menu includes an entry named {gui>​Desktop (Create Link)} for all files and folders, which simply creates a link on the desktop for each selected file. In addition, if the Shortcuts Pane is active, the menu also includes an entry called {gui>​Side Pane (Create Shortcut)} for folders, which allows users to add new shortcuts to the side pane. Following these entries, Thunar lists the removable drives currently plugged into the computer. In the screenshot above, the {gui>​Floppy Drive} represents a possible target where files can be sent to. Note that the device is mounted automatically once selected from the {gui>​Send To} menu, so you do not need to manually mount it.
 +In addition Thunar also ships the ''​thunar-sendto-email''​ plugin, which adds the entry {gui>​Mail Recipient} to the menu, that opens the mail composer with the selected files attach to the new email. If the selection contains at least one folder, the selected items are added to a ZIP archive before attaching them to the email. Otherwise, if the selection contains multiple files, or a single file, which is larger than 200Kib, the user will be prompted whether to pack the files into a ZIP archive, and send the ZIP archive.
 +Like most other features of Thunar, the {gui>​Send To} menu can be easily extended by users and application developers with new targets, using standard [[http://​standards.freedesktop.org/​desktop-entry-spec/​latest/​|desktop entry]] files. These files must be installed into one of the ''​$XDG_DATA_DIRS/​Thunar/​sendto/''​ folders (see the [[http://​standards.freedesktop.org/​basedir-spec/​latest/​|XDG Base Directory Specification]] for details about the ''​$XDG_DATA_DIRS''​ variable).
 +The MimeType of the target .desktop specifies the types of files for which this action should be available in the Send To menu. For example, say you want to add entry for a //Flickr// uploader tool, then this entry should only show up if the selection contains JPEG files (other file formats are not supported by //Flickr//) and so you should add a line MimeType=image/​jpeg;​. If you do not specify any MimeType your entry will show up for all file types.
 +A complete example using the //postr// application is shown below:
 +  # postr.desktop - Integrate postr into
 +  #                 the "Send To" menu.
 +  [Desktop Entry]
 +  Type=Application
 +  Version=1.0
 +  Encoding=UTF-8
 +  TryExec=postr
 +  Exec=postr %F
 +  Icon=postr
 +  Name=Flickr
 +  MimeType=image/​jpeg;​
 +If you install this file to ''​~/​.local/​share/​Thunar/​sendto/''​ (create the folder if it does not exist yet), the {gui>​Send To} menu for JPEG files will show the new entry //Flickr//, which can be used to upload JPEG images to //Flickr//.
 +The [[http://​thunar.xfce.org/​pwiki/​documentation/​sendto_menu|Thunar Project Wiki]] contains additional examples of useful targets for the {gui>​Send To} menu. Feel free to extend the Wiki page with new examples. ​