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 +====== Tumbler ======
 +===== Configuration =====
 +Tumbler has since version 0.1.27 a configuration file to control the priority and locations, file sizes a plugin is used for: [[http://​git.xfce.org/​xfce/​tumbler/​plain/​tumblerd/​tumbler.rc|tumbler.rc]].
 +To override the default configuration,​ located in one of the xdg directories on your system, you can copy the rc-file to your ''​$XDG_CONFIG_HOME''​ directory.
 +  mkdir -p $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/​tumbler
 +  cp /​etc/​xdg/​tumbler/​tumbler.rc $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/​tumbler/​
 +Each group in the plugin is responsible for the settings of a particular thumbnail provides plugin. The following keys can be used to adjust a plugin:
 +? Disabled
 +! Disable the plugin, the values ''​true''​ and ''​false''​ are accepted.
 +? Priority
 +! Numeric value to control the priority of the plugin. If 2 plugins can provide thumbnails for the same scheme + mime-type combination,​ the plugin with the highest priority is used first.
 +? Locations
 +! A ;-separated path list the plugin will be used for. If the source file is not a child of one of the locations, the plugin won't be used and another plugin with a lower priority will be tried. Absolute paths, environment variables, ~/ and ~username/ are allowed. Leave empty to allow all locations.
 +? MaxFileSize
 +! Maximum size of the source file the plugin will still try to generate a plugin for. The size is in bytes, 0 disabled the check.
 +===== Cover Thumbnailer =====
 +By the default the cover thumbnailer is disabled. The reason is that it sends information (movie title extracted from the filename) to online services to retrieve a poster. This information is normally harmless, but it is private, so therefore it's not enabled by default.
 +In order to use the cover thumbnailer you need to copy the tumbler.rc file to your home directory like described above and set the ''​Disabled''​ key to ''​false''​. It is also advised to set the Locations path to the directory where you store your movies.
 +  [CoverThumbnailer]
 +  Disabled=false
 +  Priority=3
 +  Locations=~/​movies
 +  MaxFileSize=0
 +  #​APIKey=your-api-key-from-themoviedb.org
 +The movie thumbnailer supports 2 different movie API's. By default the [[http://​omdbapi.com|The Open Movie Database API]] is used. At your choice you can also use [[http://​themoviedb.org|The Movie DB]], but this site requires an API key, which you have to [[http://​docs.themoviedb.apiary.io/​|request]] or uh... [[https://​raw.github.com/​xbmc/​xbmc/​master/​addons/​metadata.themoviedb.org/​tmdb.xml|search]].\\
 +Advantage of the latter is that their database has better support for internationalized movie names.
 +After creating the rc file, it is best if you log-off and on again to restart Thunar and Tumbler, because both applications cache the mime-type combinations.