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Cover Thumbnailer

By the default the cover thumbnailer is disabled. The reason is that it sends information (movie title extracted from the filename) to online services to retrieve a poster. This information is normally harmless, but it is private, so therefore it's not enabled by default.

In order to use the cover thumbnailer you need to create a config file to white-list locations. If the thumbnail file is a child of one of the locations, it will try to download a poster.

# a ; separated list of white-listed locations
# API key to use themoviedb.org information

The cover thumbnailer supports two different API backends:

  • http://omdbapi.com
    The Open Movie Database API. The used posters are most of the time retrieved from IMDB. This backend is used by default.
  • http://themoviedb.org
    A free and community maintained movie database. This API however requires an API key.

After creating the rc file, it is best if you log-off and on again to restart Thunar and Tumbler, because both cache the mime-type combinations.