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 <figure "The Go Menu">​ <figure "The Go Menu">​
 {{:​xfce:​thunar:​go-menu.png?​nolink&​|Go menu}} {{:​xfce:​thunar:​go-menu.png?​nolink&​|Go menu}}
-Another navigation option available from this menu is {gui>​Open Location}. Choosing this allows you to manually enter the path or URL for the resource you wish to locate. The examples below show the different presentations for this option depending on whether you have the **Toolbar** or **Pathbar** location style selected. In either case, as you type, an incremental search is performed and matching entries are listed to choose from. 
-<figure "Open Location - Toolbar vs. Pathbar Views">​ 
-{{:​xfce:​thunar:​1.6:​thunar_go-open-location-toolbar.png?​nolink&​|Open Location -> Toolbar}}{{:​xfce:​thunar:​1.6:​thunar_go-open-location-pathbar.png?​nolink&​|Open Location -> Pathbar}} 
 </​figure>​ </​figure>​