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-====== Desktop Manager ======+~~NOTOC~~
-The //​xfdesktop//​ application manages the desktop backdrop. It sets a backdrop image and/or color and it can pop up an applications menu and a list of all running applications when you click on the desktop with the right or middle mouse button respectively. As of Xfce 4.4, //​xfdesktop//​ also draws icons on the desktop.+====== Desktop Manager ======
-The //​xfdesktop//​ package installs ​settings dialog for use with the [[..:​xfce4-settings:​|Settings Manager]]. From this dialog you can change the backdrop image and color and change settings for the menu and the window list.+The Desktop Manager manages the desktop of Xfce. It is responsible for setting a background image color and drawing icons on the desktop. It can bring up an applications menu and list of all running applications when you click on the desktop ​with the right or middle mouse button respectively. Settings are available via the [[../:​xfce4-settings:​|Settings Manager]].
 +===== General =====
-[[usage|Usage]]\\ +  * **[[usage|Usage]]** -- Overview of the Desktop Manager 
-Using the desktop ​manager.+  * **[[preferences|Preferences]]** -- Configuring ​the desktop 
 +  * **[[command-line|Command-line Options]]** -- Parameters for using ''​xfdesktop''​ in the command-line 
 +  * **[[advanced|Advanced]]** -- Hidden options
-[[preferences|Preferences]]\\ +===== Reporting Bugs =====
-Configuring //​xfdesktop//​.+
 +  * **[[:​xfce:​xfdesktop:​bugs|Reporting Bugs]]** -- Open bug reports and how to report new bugs