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 ====== Workspace Settings ====== ====== Workspace Settings ======
-<note warning>​The page is work in progress!</​note>​ 
 <figure "​Workspace Settings">​ <figure "​Workspace Settings">​
 {{:​xfce:​xfwm4:​xfwm4-workspace-settings.png?​nolink&​|}} {{:​xfce:​xfwm4:​xfwm4-workspace-settings.png?​nolink&​|}}
 </​figure>​ </​figure>​
 +? Workspaces
 +! This list shows the list of available workspaces. If you want to edit the name of one of them, double-click the row. When it's done press the {key>​Enter} key, to return to the list
 +  ? Number of workspaces
 +  ! This option allows you too choose the number of workspaces you want to use (between 1 and 32).
 +? Margins
 +<figure "​Workspace Settings">​
 +! Margins are areas on the edges of the screen that maximized windows won't cover. You can adjust the size, in pixels, of all margins (left, right, top and bottom).