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The behaviour and looks of Ristretto can be modified, mostly through options displayed in the Preferences Dialog.

Preferences Dialog

The Preferences dialog allows a user to configure different aspects of Ristretto.

These options are grouped under the following tabs:

The preferences dialog can be opened through MenuEditPreferences


Display preferences


Fullscreen preferences



Slideshow preferences


Control preferences


Behaviour preferences

Advanced options

Don't use Thunar to show the file-properties dialog

By default, Ristretto will ask thunar to pop-up the file-properties dialog. This way, you'll have the advantage of all of thunar's plugins that extend it's file-properties dialog beyond it's native functionality. Aswell as a consistent look-and-feel throughout the xfce desktop.

However, there are some cases where you want Ristretto not to use Thunar, but go for the build-in dialog all the times. This can be the case when you have Thunar installed, but don't use it. Launching the file-properties dialog from Ristretto will then cause Thunar to be launched, making it a pretty expensive dialog.

Being a somewhat advanced feature, this option is not exposed through the preferences-dialog, and can only be enabled through the xfconf command-line utility xfconf-query. This can be done as followed:

$ xfconf-query -c ristretto -p /window/use-thunar-properties -n -t bool -s false

The internal file-properties dialog will look like this:

Internal file properties dialog