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The Clock panel plugin displays the current time in a variety of styles and formats.


Clock's properties dialog


Clock Options

The options available in Clock Options will vary depending on the clock Layout selected.

Label and Tooltip Markup

The plugin supports markup to change the layout of the tooltip and the label on the panel. Consult the Text Attribute Markup manual of Pango so see what attributes are supported. As an example you can have the following custom format:

%R%n<span size='x-small'>%d-%m w%V</span>

Additionally %n for new-lines and %t for tabs are also supported.

The following is a list of available label format control sequences copied from a date utility manual (man date):

By default, numeric fields are padded with zeroes. The following optional flags may follow %:

After any flags comes an optional field width, as a decimal number; then an optional modifier, which is either E to use the locale's alternate representations if available, or O to use the locale's alternate numeric symbols if available.