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Window Menu

The Window Menu panel plugin allows you to switch between application windows using a menu.


Window Menu's properties dialog


Window MenuWindow Menu


Window Menu

Style Properties

You can set a custom icon size in gtk-icon-sizes with the name panel-window-menu. The default icon size is 16px. Note that the window icons are 16 or 32 pixels, all other sizes will result in scaling. Special widget name in this plugin is windowmenu-button.

style "xfce-window-menu-plugin-style"
  # Ellipsizing used in the menu label.
  XfceWindowMenuPlugin::ellipsize-mode = PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_MIDDLE
  # Maximum number of characters in the menu label before it will
  # be ellipsized.
  XfceWindowMenuPlugin::max-width-chars = 24
  # Lucency of minimized icons. Valid values are between 0 (completely
  # hide the icon) and 100 (don't lighten the icon).
  XfceWindowMenuPlugin::minimized-icon-lucency = 50
class "XfceWindowMenuPlugin" style "xfce-window-menu-plugin-style"

See the section Theming for more information.