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 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
-[[introduction|Introduction to Parole]]\\+  * **[[introduction|Introduction to Parole]]**
 What makes Parole special. What makes Parole special.
-[[usage|Usage]]\\+  * **[[usage|Usage]]**
 Basic handling of the application. Basic handling of the application.
 ===== Configuration ===== ===== Configuration =====
-[[preferences|Preferences]]\\+  * **[[preferences|Preferences]]**
 Configuring the media player. Configuring the media player.
-[[command-line|Command-line Options]]\\+  * **[[command-line|Command-line Options]]**
 Parameters for starting Parole. Parameters for starting Parole.
-[[plugins|Plugins]]\\+  * **[[plugins|Plugins]]**
 Extend Parole with additional functionality. Extend Parole with additional functionality.
 ===== Reporting Bugs ===== ===== Reporting Bugs =====
-[[bugs|Bugs]]\\ +  * **[[bugs|Reporting Bugs]]** -- Open bug reports and how to report new bugs
-Where and how to report bugs.+