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 {{:​apps:​parole:​parole-tray-dialog.png?​direct b| }} {{:​apps:​parole:​parole-tray-dialog.png?​direct b| }}
 +==== MPRIS2 plugin ====
 +This plugin allows the player to be controlled via the MPRIS2 protocol, as implemented e.g. in Gnome3 as [[https://​extensions.gnome.org/​extension/​55/​media-player-indicator/​|media player indicator-extension]] or Ubuntu'​s [[https://​launchpad.net/​indicator-sound|soundmenu]]. //The functionality of this plugin depends on the implementation of MPRIS you use it with.//
 +<figure "​Implementations of MPRIS2 soundmenus in Cinnamon and Xubuntu">​
 +{{:​apps:​parole:​parole-mpris2-cinnamon.png?​direct b| }} {{:​apps:​parole:​parole-mpris2-xubuntu.png?​direct b| }}