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The Xfce4-screenshooter is an application that can be used to take snapshots of your desktop screen.

This application allows you to capture the entire screen, the active window or a selected region. You can set the delay that elapses before the screenshot is taken and the action that will be done with the screenshot: save it to a PNG file, copy it to the clipboard, open it using another application, or host it on Imgur, a free online image hosting service.

This manual describes how you can use Xfce4-screenshooter, and how you can configure it to your preferences.


Debugging Support

xfce4-screenshooter currently supports three different levels of debugging support, which can be setup using the configure flag `–enable-debug` (check the output of `configure –help`):

Argument Description
`yes` This is the default for Git snapshot builds. It adds all kinds of checks to the code, and is therefore likely to run slower. Use this for development of xfce4-screenshooter and locating bugs in xfce4-screenshooter.
`minimum` This is the default for release builds. This is the recommended behaviour.
`no` Disables all sanity checks. Don't use this unless you know exactly what you do.

Latest Release

1.9.7 (20191103)

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