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How to Contribute

Xfce is developed by a small group of hard-working volunteers. There are many ways in which you can contribute to Xfce, all of which are most welcome!


Applications, manuals, documentation and many other aspects of Xfce are all translated into different languages. Translations are handled in Transifex, a web-based translation platform. Visit the translation docs to get started with translating.


If you wish to donate to Xfce, you can do so via Xfce’s Bountysource page. You can freely donate to the organization itself, or offer a reward to fix a specific bug. Every donation is greatly appreciated, but please remember, this is an open source project that is 100% run by volunteers, no one is implicitly obliged to act upon your requests.


Bug Reporting and Testing

One of the most useful tasks that we rely on the community for is testing and reporting of bugs. You can report bugs on the Xfce Bugzilla site, the Xfce-bugs mailing list, or you ask on our IRC channel #xfce on Freenode for help. Please do not use the forums to report bugs. Before submitting a bug, please try your best to check if it has already been reported. When writing your bug report, try to be as descriptive as possible, but avoid verbosity. Mozilla has a nice guide on how to write a bug report. For more information, refer to Bug Reporting and Fixing.


The Xfce Wiki and Documentation contain many helpful pages that require maintaining and updating with every new release. The wiki is freely available for anyone to edit, refer here for information on how to contribute to the documentation.

Get in Touch

Before starting contribution it may make sense to get in contact with some xfce experts:

  • via IRC: Join #xfce and #xfce-dev on Freenode
  • via some Xfce mailing list - first check if the list is still active !

It as well might help to check the current roadmap in the Xfce development Wiki in order to get an overview on ongoing development.