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Since Xfce 4.10, there are no application manuals in the packages. The reason for this change is that hardly any documentation was contributed over the years mainly because people had problems with the various formats (docbook and mallard) or with the complexity of the VCS1).

In order to lower the documentation barrier, it was decided to start a documentation wiki where contributors, developers and translators can work on good and up-to-date documentation.

From the various dialogs and links in the Xfce applications, we redirect to the sections in this wiki.


If you want to help extending the application manuals or guides on this wiki, you can request an account on the xfce4-dev mailing list or the Matrix channel #xfce-dev. Give yourself an introduction and we will setup an account on the wiki so you can start working!

For translators the same applies, however then send an email to the xfce-i18n mailing list. Make sure you also include the language you want to translate. Note that this only applies for an account on docs.xfce.org, information about code translation can be found here.

Reporting Bugs

If you happen to find a typo, dead link, missing or outdated images in the Xfce or Wiki documentation, your way of helping getting things getting fixed to report a bug about it. Learn here about submitting a bug and to see what bugs are currently outstanding.

If you see an open bug, here, that you think that you may be able to fix it; this is a great way to start contributing to Xfce even if you are not a programmer.

Editing the Documentation

If you are unfamiliar with, or simply need a refresher, take a look at the DokuWiki syntax page for guidance.

If you want to try something out before editing a page, just use the playground page. Just remember to leave the playground as you found it for others to have a blank slate to experiment with their documentation.

If you wish to have editing access to either the documentation, or the wiki, please reach out to us either through #xfce-dev on Libera or the Xfce-dev mailing list. See the Communication with the Xfce Development for additional information.


Try to make screenshots that look consistent with the other previews. We generally try to use the following setup:

Most of these themes, icons and fonts should be included with your distribution. The download locations are provided above should that not be the case.

Also, consider compressing the png files before uploading, with optipng for example.

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