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Calculator - xfce4-calculator-plugin

xfce4-calculator-plugin is a calculator plugin for the Xfce4 panel.


Plugin on the panel with an example

Right click on the plugin label

Settings window


Place the plugin in the panel, enterthe calculation into the text field and press Enter to calculate the result.

The plugin supports common mathematical operators (+, -, *, /, ^) with usual precedence rules, and the following functions and constants:

pi π≈3.141592654…
abs(x) Absolute value
sqrt(x) Square root
cbrt(x) Cubic root
sin(x) Sine
cos(x) Cosine
tan(x) Tangent
asin(x), arcsin(x) Inverse of the sine function
acos(x), arccos(x) Inverse of the cosine function
atan(x), arctan(x) Inverse of the tangent function
exp(x) Exponential function
log(x), ln(x) Natural logaritm (base e)
log2(x) Binary logarithm (base 2)
log10(x), lg(x) Decadic/Common logarithm (base 10)

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Recent Changes

Latest Release

0.7.0 (2019/02/24)


SHA-256 Hash: 7b50ab947ab058e1c079113e7f0f8b38ef242fec36ec9f31bb4e3c19cb3f9de9
SHA-1 Hash: 43f19cd7202c1ee5e721e2a24e3cafb85033741c
MD5 Hash: 1ae192a69834ee2f51f34a0a981181f4

Getting it

The normal (and best) way to get this plugin is to use the package manager or port system of your operating system.

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