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Thunar - Bulk Rename Files

To “bulk rename” files means to change the name of multiple files at once using some criterion that applies to at least one of the files. Thunar includes a bulk renamer which can be run separately using the command Thunar -B or from within Thunar by selecting two or more files in the main area and pressing F2 or choosing EditRename... from the main menu.

Bulk Rename Dialog

The Bulk Renamers can be applied to the name of the files, the suffix of the files or to both the name and the suffix of the files. Thunar currently supports the following Bulk Renamers:

  • Audio Tags (plugin)
  • Insert or Overwrite characters
  • Numbering
  • Remove Characters
  • Search & Replace characters
  • Convert to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Camelcase or Sentence case

When you select one of these criteria from the picklist, you are shown a preview of your changes in the New Name column, as seen in the example above.

Additional Bulk Renamers may be installed as plugins for Thunar. Check the Thunar Plugins website for currently available extensions.

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