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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-{{ :xfce:xfce.appfinder.png?nolink|}}+{{ xfce:xfce4-appfinder:org.xfce.appfinder.png|}} 
 +====== xfce4-appfinder - Preferences ====== 
 +This page details all the settings available for the Application Finder. To edit settings, open up the application in it's expanded mode and select {gui>Preferences}.
-====== xfce4-appfinder - Application Finder ======+  * **[[#General|General]]** 
 +    * **[[#Behaviour|Behaviour]]** 
 +    * **[[#Appearance|Appearance]]** 
 +    * **[[#History|History]]** 
 +  * **[[#Custom Actions|Custom Actions]]** 
 +    * **[[#Usage|Usage]]**
-The Application Finder is a program to find and launch installed applications on your system, and quickly execute commands. It does this by searching your file system for ''.desktop'' files, and displays a categorized list of all the GUI applications on your system.+----
-<note tip>**Tip:** You can use the Application Finder to quickly add [[:xfce:xfce4-panel:launcher|launchers]] to your [[:xfce:xfce4-panel:|panel]] - simply drag an item onto your desired panel and it will automatically create a launcher for that application.</note>+===== General =====
-  * **[[#Latest Release|Latest Release]]** +<figure "General Preferences"> 
-  * **[[#Source Code Repository|Source Code Repository]]** +{{:xfce:xfce4-appfinder:4.16:xfce-appfinder-genprefs.png?400|}} 
-  * **[[#Reporting Bugs|Reporting Bugs]]**+</figure>
 ---- ----
-===== General =====+==== Behaviour ====
-   * **[[usage|Usage]]** -- Overview of the Application Finder +? Remember last selected category 
-   **[[preferences|Preferences]]** -- Configure the behaviour of the application and create custom actions +! Select this option to make the Application Finder select the last selected category in the expanded view. If this option is disabled, the category {gui>All Applications} is selected. 
-  * **[[examples|Custom Action Examples]]** -- Examples for custom actions+? Always centre the window 
 +! By default, [[:xfce:xfwm4:|Xfwm4]] might position the window in a place that isn't in the centre of the screen (see the section [[:xfce:xfwm4:wmtweaks|Placement]] under Window Manager Tweaks to change this behaviour). Select this option to always centre the Application Finder screen on startup, regardless of Window Manager settings. 
 +? Keep running instance in the background 
 +! Keeps Application Finder running in the background to speed up opening times. You might want to disable this to reduce memory usage. 
 +? Single window 
 +! This option in only active if {gui>Keep running instance in the background} is enabled. Only keep one instance of the application open at a time. 
 +? Sort recently user items first 
 +! Sort items by frequency, i.e. taking into account the frequency and how recent an item has been launched.
 ---- ----
-===== Debugging Support =====+==== Appearance ====
-xfce4-appfinder currently supports three different levels of debugging support, +? View items as icons 
-which can be setup using the configure flag ''--enable-debug'' (check the output of ''configure --help''): +! Select this option to show the applications and commands as icons rather than in a list view. 
- +? Text beside icons 
-^ Argument  ^ Description ^ +This option in only active if {gui>View items as icons} is enabledSelect this option to position the application name or command beside the icon rather than below. 
-|  `yes`    | This is the default for Git snapshot buildsIt adds all kinds of checks to the code, and is therefore likely to run slowerUse this for development of xfce4-appfinder and locating bugs in xfce4-appfinder| +? Item icon size 
-| `minimum` | This is the default for release builds**This is the recommended behaviour.** | +! The size of the icons in the item view
-| `no`      | Disables all sanity checks. Don't use this unless you know exactly what you do|+? Hide category pane 
 +! Hides the category side pane when in expanded mode
 +? Category icon size 
 +! The size of the category icons in the side pane.
 ---- ----
-===== Latest Release ===== 
-{{rss>https://archive.xfce.org/feeds/project/xfce4-appfinder 1 date description 2h}}+==== History ====
-[[https://archive.xfce.org/src/xfce/xfce4-appfinder/|Previous Releases]]+? Clear Custom Command History 
 +! Use this option to remove the history of custom commands you've entered in the collapsed mode that did not match any of the installed application commands.
-[[|Back to Top]] 
 ---- ----
-===== Source Code Repository ===== +[[|Back to Top]] 
 +===== Custom Actions ===== 
 +You can set custom actions to quickly perform tasks when a certain character or combination of characters is entered in the collapsed viewFor example, you can go to a certain article on Wikipedia by typing ''!w'' and then the article name. 
 +<figure "Custom Actions"> 
 ---- ----
 +[[|Back to Top]]
-===== Reporting Bugs =====+==== Usage ==== 
 +You can add a new (empty) action by clicking on the {gui>Add} (+) button and remove the selected action by pressing the {gui>Delete} (x) button. You can edit an existing action by selecting it from the list and using the {gui>Type}, {gui>Pattern} and {gui>Command} fields.
-  * **[[bugs|Reporting Bugs]]** -- Open bug reports and how to report new bugs+? Type 
 +! There are two types of pattern matches: 
 +  * **Prefix** - if this type is selected, there is a match if the entered string starts with the pattern specified. 
 +  * **Regular Expression** - For complex matches you can write a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perl_Compatible_Regular_Expressions|Perl-compatible regular expression]] that's matched against the entered string. 
 +? Pattern 
 +! Depending on the type selected, it describes the prefix or regular expression. 
 +? Command 
 +! The command that is executed when the pattern is matched. To include parts of the search in the command the following variables are available: 
 +  ? Prefix 
 +  ! **%s** - Include the string after the matched pattern. For example, if the prefix-pattern is ''abc'' and the entered command is ''abcdef'', ''%s'' will be replaced with ''def''
 +  ! **%S** - Include the complete string after the matched pattern. For example, if the prefix-pattern is ''abc'' and the entered command is ''abcdef'', ''%s'' will be replaced with ''abcdef''
 +  ? Regular Expression 
 +  ! During the process of matching, the results of the sub-pattern between parentheses ''( )'' are recorded for later use. ''\'' plus a number to refers to the corresponding sub-string. For instance, ''\1'' refers to the 1st pair of parentheses' match result, while ''\2'' refers to 2nd pair of parentheses' match result. A special case is ''\0'', which will be replaced with the entire match. 
 +  ! If the pattern is ''^ab(.*)fg$'' and the entered command ''abcdefg'' for example, ''\1'' will be replaced with ''cde''
 +? Save match in command history 
 +! Select this option if you want matches to be saved in the {gui>Commands History} category. 
 +[[|Back To Top]] 
 +[[ :xfce:xfce4-appfinder:|Return to Main xfce4-appfinder documentation page]]