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 ====== Custom Action Examples ====== ====== Custom Action Examples ======
-Below samples of custom ​commands ​to get you started. If you have have a clever ​example, ​you can submit it in the [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​enter_bug.cgi?​product=Xfce4-appfinder|bug tracker]] ​under the **Examples** component.+Below are samples of custom ​actions ​to get you started. If you have an example, ​feel free to submit it on the [[https://​bugzilla.xfce.org/​enter_bug.cgi?​product=Xfce4-appfinder&​component=Examples|bug tracker]]. 
 +===== Examples ===== 
 +^ Description ^ Type ^ Pattern ^ Command ^ 
 +| Open directories | Prefix | ''<​nowiki>/</​nowiki>''​ | ''<​nowiki>​exo-open --launch FileManager %S</​nowiki>''​ | 
 +| Swap keyboard layout to US | Prefix | ''<​nowiki>​us</​nowiki>''​ | ''<​nowiki>​setxkbmap us intl</​nowiki>''​ |