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 ====== Usage ====== ====== Usage ======
 +The application finder has two modes: ​
 +  - **Collapsed mode**: where you can directly search for commands and execute them when when {key>​Enter} is pressed.
 +  - **Expanded mode**: where you can search through the applications installed on your system and view the command history.
-<note warning>The page is work in progress!</​note> +To toggle between the modes you can click the {gui>Up} or {gui>Down} arrow keys when the entry is focused, or click the arrow on the right edge of the entry.
 ===== Collapsed Run Mode ===== ===== Collapsed Run Mode =====
 <figure "​Collapsed view for executing commands">​ <figure "​Collapsed view for executing commands">​
 </​figure>​ </​figure>​
 +In the collapsed view the Application Finder only shows a search entry, the icon of the selected application and Close and Launch buttons. As you type in the entry, it will search known applications,​ the command history and custom actions, showing possible matches in a popup menu. When only a single match is found, it will be automatically completed in the entry and the respective icon will be shown.
 ===== Expanded Search Mode ===== ===== Expanded Search Mode =====
-<figure "​Expanded view to search ​application">​ +<figure "​Expanded view to search ​applications">​ 
 </​figure>​ </​figure>​
 +In the expanded view the search entry acts as a filter for the currently selected category. When {key>​Enter} is pressed, the highlighted item is launched.