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 +====== Action Buttons ======
 +The //Action Buttons// panel plugin allows you to add up to two buttons to your panel. These buttons can be configured to log out of sessions. hibernate, or suspend or even shutdown your computer.
 +<note warning>​The plugin uses //​xfce4-session//​ to handle the power actions, so it won't function properly if you use another or no session manager.</​note>​
 +====== Properties ======
 +<figure "​Action Buttons'​ properties dialog">​
 +? Logout Dialog
 +! Displays the //Log Out// prompt, allowing you to choose an action while logging out of your current session. ​
 +? Logout
 +! Logs you out of your current session. ​
 +? Lock Screen
 +! Locks your screen. ​
 +? Shut Down
 +! Completely powers down your system. ​
 +? Restart
 +! Reboots your system. ​
 +? Hibernate
 +! Hibernates your system. ​
 +? Disabled
 +! Disables the button. This option can only be applied to the second action button. ​