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 +====== Directory Menu ======
 +The //Directory Menu// panel plugin allows you to set and view a directory from your panel. This is useful if you would like to quickly access a specific directory and view its contents without starting a file manager.
 +====== Properties ======
 +<figure "​Directory Menu properties dialog">​
 +===== Appearance =====
 +The following options allow you to choose how the //Directory Menu// plugin displays a directory.
 +? Base Directory
 +! Sets the directory folder that the //Directory Menu// plugin will start from. 
 +? Icon
 +! Sets the icon that will be displayed in the panel. ​
 +===== Filtering =====
 +The following options allow you to filter which files the Directory Menu plugin displays.
 +? File Pattern
 +! Enter a list of patterns to determine which files are visible in a directory. If you specify more than one pattern here, the list items must be separated with semicolons (e.g. ''​*.txt;​*.doc''​). ​
 +? Show Hidden Files
 +! Displays hidden files when browsing directories.
 +====== Style Properties ======
 +You can set a custom icon size in gtk-icon-sizes with the name ''​panel-directory-menu''​. The default icon size is 16px. Special widget name in this plugin is ''​directorymenu-button''​.
 +See the section [[theming|Theming]] for more information.