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 +{{ :​xfce:​xfce4-panel:​xfce4-panel.png?​nolink|}}
 ====== Action Buttons ====== ====== Action Buttons ======
-The //Action Buttons// panel plugin ​allows you to add up to two buttons to your panel. These buttons can be configured to log out of sessions. hibernate, or suspend or even shutdown your computer.+The Action Buttons panel plugin ​adds system action ​buttons to your panel. These actions include session management options such as locking the screen, logging ​out or switching the user, or options to hibernate, ​suspend, restart ​or shutdown your computer.
-<​note ​warning>The plugin uses //xfce4-session// to handle ​the power actions, so it won't function properly if you use another or no session manager.</​note>​+<​note ​important>The plugin uses ''​xfce4-session'' ​to handle power actions, so it won't function properly if you use another or no session manager.</​note>​
-===== Properties ​=====+===== Preferences ​=====
-<figure "​Action Buttons' properties dialog"> +<figure "​Action Buttons ​Preferences">​{{:​xfce:​xfce4-panel:​action_buttons.png?​nolink&​|}}</​figure>​
-{{:​xfce:​xfce4-panel:​actions.png?​nolink&​|}} +
-Logout Dialog +===== General ===== 
-Displays the //Log Out// prompt, allowing you to choose an action while logging out of your current session.  +Appearance 
-Logout +    ? Action Buttons 
-Logs you out of your current ​session. ​+    ​Adds buttons directly ​to the panel
 +    Session Menu 
 +    Nests options under a session ​menu on the panel, displays them as a drop-down menu. 
 +? Invert buttons orientation 
 +! Changes the direction that the buttons are placed in. 
 +? Show confirmation dialogue 
 +! Shows a confirmation dialogue when an action is performed. 
 +===== Actions =====
 ? Lock Screen ? Lock Screen
 ! Locks your screen. ​ ! Locks your screen. ​
 +? Switch User
 +!  Allows you to switch to a different user
 +? Suspend
 +! Saves the session to RAM and sleeps the computer for quick start-ups.
 +? Hibernate
 +! Saves the session to disk and shuts down the system for slightly faster start-ups.
 +? Hybrid Sleep
 +! Saves the session to RAM and disk, allowing for quick start-ups but in the event of losing power, your session is still saved.
 ? Shut Down ? Shut Down
-! Completely powers down your system+! Completely powers down the system
 ? Restart ? Restart
-! Reboots ​your system +! Reboots ​the system 
-Hibernate +Log Out... 
-Hibernates ​your system.  +Displays the Log Out prompt, allowing you to choose an action while logging out of your current session
-Disabled +Log Out 
-Disables ​the button. This option can only be applied ​to the second action button. ​+Logs the current user out 
 +? Separator 
 +! Adds a separator ​to the buttons or drop-down menu 
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