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The Clock panel plugin displays the current time in a variety of styles and formats.


Clock's properties dialog


Tooltip Format
Changes how the time is displayed when hovering over the clock display.
Show Frame
Displays a frame around the clock display.
Displays time as a clock face with hands representing the current hour, minute, and seconds.
Displays a binary clock.
A simple time display with multiple formats.
Displays an approximation of the current time.
Displays the time in the style of a digital LCD click.

Clock Options

The options available in Clock Options will vary depending on the clock Layout selected.
24-hour Clock
Displays time in a 24-hour (military) format. (LCD layout only.)
Display Seconds
Displays a seconds indicator in the clock display. (Analog, LCD, and Binary layouts only.)
Flash Time Seperators
Flash the seperators between digits. (LCD layout only.)
Changes the time format of the clock with predefined or custom layout. (Digital layout only.)
Changes the degree of 'fuzziness' that the clock will display. 0 being the most accurate, 1 being less accurate, and 2 being the least accurate. (Fuzzy layout only.)
Show AM/PM
Displays an 'A' or 'P' to indicate the time of day. (LCD layout only.)
Show Grid
Adds gridlines to the clock. (Binary layout only.)
Show Inactive Dots
All dots that are empty are not shown in the clock display. (Binary layout only.)
True Binary Clock
Displays a seconds indicator in the clock display. (Binary layout only.)