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 ? Move up / Move down ? Move up / Move down
-! Moves the currently selected item up or down in the list+! Moves the currently selected item up or down in the list.
 ? Edit the currently selected item ? Edit the currently selected item
 ! Opens up an [[https://​docs.xfce.org/​xfce/​exo/​desktop-item-edit#​editing_launchers|Edit Launcher]] window. ! Opens up an [[https://​docs.xfce.org/​xfce/​exo/​desktop-item-edit#​editing_launchers|Edit Launcher]] window.
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 ===== Advanced ===== ===== Advanced =====
 +<figure "​Launcher Advanced Preferences">​{{:​xfce:​xfce4-panel:​xfce4-panel-launcher-preferences-advanced.png?​nolink&​|}}</​figure>​
 +? Disable tooltips
 +! Doesn'​t display tooltips when hovering over the launcher.
 +? Show label instead of icon
 +! Displays name of launcher instead of specified icon.
 +? Show last used item in panel
 +! Only available when more than one items are present in the launcher. Shows the last used application / link as the primary item.
 +? Arrow button position
 +! Displays the arrow to access additional items to the left, right, top or bottom of the launcher. The **Inside Button** option displays the arrow inside the launcher and displays the list of launcher items when left-clicking on the launcher.
 ===== Expanding Variables ===== ===== Expanding Variables =====
-The command ​of each launcher ​is //expanded// before it is executed. ​This means the [[http://​standards.freedesktop.org/​desktop-entry-spec/​latest/​|.desktop files']] field codes are processed.+Each launcher'​s ​command is expanded before it is executed, meaning the .desktop files' field codes are processed. [[http://​standards.freedesktop.org/​desktop-entry-spec/​latest/​|See the specification]] for more details.
-? %F +Below are some sample variables:
-? %f +
-? %U +
-? %u +
-? %i +
-? %c +
-? %k +
-? %%+
 ===== Plugin Events ===== ===== Plugin Events =====