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Why the icons look very similar to the icon of gnome power manager?
No, they are not similar; they are the same. Just there is no point of re-drawing icons. gnome power manager icons are good enough. Not all the gnome power manager icons are used. Please note that for version the icons are renamed to avoid possible conflicts with a gnome power manager installation.
What is the difference between suspend and hibernate?
Suspend is a power save feature. When suspending, the computer is still using power, since the running applications are kept in the memory, but it is the lowest power level that the computer can use. While Hibernate saves the system state on the hard drive and turns off the power, when you start up your computer again those data will be loaded and the system back up.
Why the options of suspend/hibernate are not there or I can not select them?
Many possible reasons, for example your kernel is not compiled with suspend/hibernate options. Another possible reason is the fact that you don't have engough premission to use them.
I had put my computer into suspend or hibernate mode, but the computer is not waking up?
This was subject for many bug reports, please note that the power manager has nothing to do with these problems, since the kernel is responsible of these tasks. The kernel team are puting a lot of efforts into fixing these kind of problems, if you still have troubles please report a bug to your distribution provider, they can contact the kernel team and possibly they can provide you a work-around.
I'm not able to control my laptop brightness and/or my brightness plug in is reporting no device found?
One possible reason is the fact that the correct kernel driver is missing or doesn't exist for your laptop brightness panel, you can debug this fact by running this command: