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Getting Started

If your distribution doesn't come with a default installation of xfce4-power-manager usually when you install it, it will be started next time you log into your Xfce desktop. In order to start it manually you just need to run the following command xfce4-power-manager from your terminal emulator. Please note that running this xfce4-power-manager command will cause the power manager to run in daemon mode. You can optionally add –no-daemon as a command line argument to disable this behavior, This can be useful if you want to see debugging outputs from your terminal emulator.

Notification Area Icon

Context Menu

The context menu pops up when you click on the icon placed in your notification area for example a battery or an adapter icon. It contains some useful options like suspend/hibernate, display information of the battery device and open the settings dialog. It contains as well option to inhibit the power manager. If enabled, the power manager will not attempt to dim the screen or switch off the monitor.

If the inhibit option is selected and the computer is in idle for a long time the power manager will not put the system in suspend or hibernate, even if it is enabled in the settings dialog. Only critical actions are processed.

Command-line Options

Starts the power manager in non-daemon mode: useful for debugging.
Restarts the power manager.
Causes any running instance of the power manager to exit.