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xfce4-power-manager - Panel Plugin

This panel item provides a quick and easy way to see battery status, change display brightness, access Power Manager Settings and more.

Indicator Dropdown Menu

Clicking on the battery icon in the panel will display the indicator dropdown menu shown above.

Battery Status

Displays the vendor name, current connection status and charge level of the laptop's battery. Also may display battery status for supported connected devices (e.g., MP3 players, cell phones, etc.). Support for external devices is provided by the upower daemon, not by Power Manager, and device support is in the process of being expanded.

Display Brightness

Allows control of the laptop's display brightness with the slider (see also Handling Display Brightness).

Presentation Mode

Ticking this option temporarily overrides any suspend settings in Power Manager Settings and will prevent interruptions due to inactivity in the course of giving a presentation.

Power Manager Settings...

Launches the Xfce Power Manager settings dialog.

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