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Settings Editor

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Settings Editor

Change Properties

Create New Property


To create a new property, click the New button. The same dialog will popup with an initial property value (the parent of the currently selected property, for your convenience). Then select a Type and set a Value.

The property is not stored until you click the Save button.


When you activate a property in the tree-view or click the Edit button, the dialog above will appear, but with the Property and Type widgets insensitive. You can enter a new value in the text-field, spinner or toggle button (depending on the property type).


To reset a property click the Reset button. The selected property will be removed or reset to the default value. If there is property information in an higher configuration file of this channel that you can override (ie. is not locked), the value will be reset.

If there is no higher configuration info, the property will be removed from your channel and the application watching the property will determine the default value.

Monitoring Channel Changes

Monitor Channel

If you right-click a channel, you can Monitor... a channel for changes. This is useful for debugging in some cases and gives you some insight in the activity of a channel.

The output has the following format:

$timestamp: $property_name ($value_type: $value)