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Command-line Options

The general usage of the application in the command-line is:

xfdesktop [OPTIONS...]
Only one instance of xfdesktop can be running at a time, and should be started by running “xfdesktop” without any arguments.

Here is a summary of all the options, grouped by type. Detailed explanations are in the following section.

Help Options
-h, --help; --help-all; --help-gtk; --help-sm-client
Application Options
-V; --version; -R, --reload; -N, --next; -M, --menu; -W, --windowlist; -A, --arrange; -e, --enable-debug; -d, --disable-debug; -D, --disable-wm-check; -Q, --quit; --display
GTK+ Options
--class, --name, --display, --gdk-debug, --gdk-no-debug, --gtk-module, --g-fatal-warnings, --gtk-debug, --gtk-no-debug
Session Management Options
--sm-client-id, --sm-client-disable

Help Options

-h, --help
Show help options
Show all help options
Show GTK+ options
Show session management options

Application Options

-V, --version
Display version information
-R, --reload
Reload all settings
-N, --next
Advance to the next wallpaper on the current workspace
-M, --menu
Pop up the menu (at the current mouse position)
-W, --windowlist
Pop up the window list (at the current mouse position)
-A, --arrange
Automatically arrange all the icons on the desktop
-e, --enable-debug
Enable debug messages
-d, --disable-debug
Disable debug messages
-D, --disable-wm-check
Do not wait for a window manager on startup
-Q, --quit
Cause xfdesktop to quit
X display to use

GTK+ Options

Program class as used by the window manager
Program name as used by the window manager
X display to use
GDK debugging flags to set
GDK debugging flags to unset
Load additional GTK+ modules
Make all warnings fatal
GTK+ debugging flags to set
GTK+ debugging flags to unset

Session Management Options

Session management client ID
Disable session management