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Catfish - Command-line Options

The general usage of the command line options is:

catfish [OPTION...] path query

Here is a summary of all the options. Explanations are in the following sections.

Application Options
--version; -h, --help; -v, --verbose; --large-icons; --thumbnails; --iso-time; --exact; --hidden; --fulltext; --start

Application Options

Show Catfish version number and exit
-h, --help
Show command-line options and exit
-v, --verbose
Show debug messages (-vv increases verbosity)
Display results with large icons instead of thumbnails
Display results with thumbnails instead of large icons
Display timestamps in ISO format
Perform “exact” searches, where search results must match the query string completely
Include hidden files in the search results
Perform “fulltext” searches, where search results contain the query string in the file contents
If path and query are provided, start searching when Catfish is started

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