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A small plugin written by Mark Trompell to display information from various applications consistently in the panel as described in Ubuntus MessagingMenu design specification


  • Compile or install xfce4-indicator-plugin
  • Right-click the panel > Add New Items
  • Add the Indicator Plugin




Latest Release

2.3.4 (2018/03/10)


SHA-256 Hash: 02773722cf99113bc64cc399df47c3a639e206a864c6995be68fe8281076582e
SHA-1 Hash: f7b67062fe50fd376c84662d9abd02950d2ac528
MD5 Hash: 911bd4e094e6bba91138eec2e83f0414


  • Xfce4-panel (4.4 rc2)
  • Libxfce4util (4.4 rc2)
  • Indicator-applet 0.2

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If you encounter a bug in Indicator, please submit a bug report to the Xfce Bugzilla. Please note that to do this you will need to have / create an account on Bugzilla.

Before reporting a new bug, please try your best to check if it has already been reported (see the latest reports below). Click here for a full list of bug reports.

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