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Please note that this plugin is not currently compatible with the current Xfce 4.16 release.

Ideal for your quick notes

The notes plugin provides you a quick way to write down a todo list, to paste a piece of code, to leave a note to your friend, or whatever else you had like to do with a Post-It note.

Author: Mike Massonnet
Blog: http://blog.mmassonnet.info/search/label/notes


Some Tips

Notes are saved under $XDG_DATA_HOME/notes/$XDG_DATA_HOME is an environment variable defined by the XDG base directory specification and defaults to $HOME/.local/share.

Window Manager Hint: You probably want to uncheck the option “Skip windows that have skip pager or skip taskbar properties set” of Xfwm4 (Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Cycling). The reason is that the notes plugin sets the skip pager hint so it doesn't clutter your pager, but you still want to access your notes by cycling to them with Alt+Tab.



☑ Show an example
☑ Show some UTF8 codes
☐ Release a new version


☐ Add bold/italic/… style
☐ Hope this gives you some ideas


Type Ctrl+Shift+u in GTK+ applications

— 2014		“ 201C
” 201D		‣ 2023
… 2026		⁂ 2042
☐ 2610		☑ 2611

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:panel-plugins:notes-1.7.3.png :panel-plugins:notes-1.7.0.png
Xfce 4.8Xfce 4.6
:panel-plugins:notes-1.6.1.png xfce4-notes-plugin.png
Xfce 4.4Xfce 4.2

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Required Packages

For detailed information on the minimum required versions, check the configure.ac.in file.

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