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Written by Fabian Nowak, this is a hardware sensors plugin for the panel. For now, it only works on Linux and requires libsensors to display your mainboard sensors and fan speeds. Furthermore, it supports hddtemp to monitor your hard disk's temperature values. Source code and Debian packages are available.


Add the plugin to the panel and start checking some checkboxes in the sensors table.

You can specify the color you want the text to appear, rename the sensor so that the tooltip displays the new name.

You can also display your values graphically, meaning they are displayed by bars. For those bars, you can specify min and max values which result in red colored bars, when those min or max values are reached.

If you don't like the green bars, you can check to display colored bars, thus using the color values specified for each sensor.


Install ``hddtemp´´ to be able to monitor your harddrives as well.


Options Dialog:


Panel plugin with sensor values as textual output:


Tooltip information:


Panel plugin with sensor values displayed graphically and a reached threshold:


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Latest Release

1.3.92 (2019/01/15)


SHA-256 Hash: 3dc6643d2c064b7718badff44b948f8d410f00f13db197820b26ae38045f5112
SHA-1 Hash: 4b0668dffc91ed4a3c0cc96d72d8ad5d8dc73290
MD5 Hash: 7327c4c316ebd5d93665e77b432b8d89

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