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A system load plugin for the Xfce4 desktop environment. It displays the current CPU load, the memory in use, the swap space and the system uptime in the Xfce4 panel.


Just place it into your panel. It will show you how little RAM and CPU Xfce can take ;-)



Latest Release

1.2.3 (2019/08/13)


SHA-256 Hash: 052407c575203da4de2db6f4a5e997220d95ec655d393dc3875a0d5a20520775
SHA-1 Hash: bab853f85b8654b08902f4c724abb06c0fa6a90c
MD5 Hash: 5d75865be699d0b3d36a5fc17ed02d44

Release History

1.1.2 (2014/11/21)

  • Support upower 0.99
  • Add a way to run a command when clicking on systemload plugin (bug #3887)
  • Pick up translation fixes (bug #11316)
  • Merge some OpenBSD compatibility patches

1.1.1 (2012/06/30)

  • Simplify tooltip handling code
  • Better compliance with panel plugin HIG
  • Only set label angle with panel > 4.9
  • Set plugin to small in all modes except deskbar modes (bug #8944)
  • Facilitate bringing up the configuration dialog (bug #8900)
  • Fix background transparency by setting the main evbox hidden (bug #8891)
  • Changing uptime label orientation in the vertical mode
  • Compatibility with panel 4.9+

1.1.0 (2012/04/18)

  • Fix progressbar width in vertical mode
  • Added about dialog
  • Use a single label to show uptime, either 'X days' (if > 0) or 'hh:mm' (bug #8348)
  • Add support for Solaris (bug #5743)
  • Fix memory size overflow with > 3.5GB on FreeBSD
  • Build the plugin as a module
  • Added a power-saving interval option using upower (if present at build time)
  • Added an update interval option (bug #7507)
  • Rewritten configuration dialog
  • Conditional retrieval of system stats (should use less resources!)
  • Port to libxfce4ui (bug #7077)
  • Fix transparency issues (bug #7345)


  • Translated into 34 languages, including 13 with a complete translation
  • Fix some issues with the build system
  • Fix a small memory leak
  • Adjust the way free memory is calculated, fixing bug #4215
  • Fix bar colors for some theme engines, fixing bug #3588
  • Fix display tooltip problems, fixing bug #5175
  • Improve the accuracy of CPU activity measurements, fixing bug #1076
  • Add support for GNU/kFreeBSD, fixing bug #2996
  • Make the plugin more compact visually, fixing bug #3587

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Getting it

The normal (and best) way to get this plugin is to use the package manager or port system of your operating system.

If it isn't available there, or if you want a different version, you can download it in source form from http://archive.xfce.org/src/panel-plugins/xfce4-systemload-plugin/.

Source code repository

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug in Systemload, please submit a bug report to the Xfce Bugzilla. Please note that to do this you will need to have / create an account on Bugzilla.

Before reporting a new bug, please try your best to check if it has already been reported (see the latest reports below). Click here for a full list of bug reports.

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