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Whisker Menu

Written by Graeme Gott, this plugin is a menu that provides access to favorites, recently used, and searching installed applications.


When you open the menu you are shown a list of applications you have marked as favorites. You can browse through all of your installed applications by clicking on the category buttons on the side. Whisker Menu also keeps a list applications that you've launched.

Favorites are easy to add and reorder. When browsing through your applications, right-click on any of them and select “Add to Favorites”. Simply drag and drop your favorites list to arrange them to suit your needs. You can remove them at any time from another right-click option.

You can also quickly find applications by entering a search term. The search field is focused when opening the menu, so you can just start typing. Application descriptions as well as names are searched, which allows you to find a program by using a general word.


Default menu
Default menu

Menu search
Menu search


Appearance Options
Appearance options

Behavior options
Behavior options

Command options
Command options

Search action options
Search action options

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Latest Release

2.3.4 (2019/11/05)


  • Fix building against xfce4-panel 4.15.0
  • Translation updates: Dutch, Galician, Georgian.

SHA-256 Hash: 84d3de35695a023aab181f7a9b75f59029eb3b07c3e47a5e11e8bd79db62570e
SHA-1 Hash: 18f608497082f3d7cb399e66a0cd503cec13a047
MD5 Hash: ee9e378fae78b230a23b241cf727c84b

Release History



  • Removed workaround for garcon that did not always fix crash.
  • Translation updates: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Galician, Icelandic, Nepali.



  • Fix editing menu items containing a single quote. (bug #15091)
  • Fix displaying empty tooltips. (bug #15137)
  • Translation updates: Dutch, Galician, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.



  • Fix crash when reload is required.
  • Translation updates: Catalan, Czech, Danish, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Slovak.



  • Fix sidebar wider than iconless categories.
  • Add buttons for individual logout commands. (bug #14639)
  • Add option to stay visible when focus is lost. (bug #12240)
  • Always allow positioning commands next to search.
  • Improve preferences spacing. (bug #14683)
  • Translation updates: Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Welsh.

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If you encounter a bug in Whiskermenu, please submit a bug report to the Xfce Bugzilla. Please note that to do this you will need to have / create an account on Bugzilla.

Before reporting a new bug, please try your best to check if it has already been reported (see the latest reports below). Click here for a full list of bug reports.

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