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General Preferences


Remember last selected category
Select this option to make the Application Finder select the last selected category in the expanded view. If this option is disabled, the category All Applications is selected.
Always center the window
By default Xfwm4 will position the window, possibly not in the center of the screen (see the section Smart Placement to control this behaviour). Select this option to always center the Application Finder screen on startup.


View items as icons
Select this option to show the applications and command in a icon view instead of a list view.
Text beside icons
This option in only active if View items as icons is enabled. Select this option to position the application name or command beside the icon, instead of below.
Item icon size
The size of the icons in the item view.
Category icon size
The size of the category icons in the side-pane.


Clear custom command history
Use this option to remove the history of “Custom Commands” you've entered in the collapsed mode that did not match any of the installed application commands.


Custom Actions